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Extractor for socket head (hex drive) screws, time-saving rapid removal
Used manually and also with a power driver

* Press & Twist manually with our original handle grip. (DBZ-50B separately available)
* Allows power tools to fix 1/4" hex shank bit of this extactor.
* Fluted spiral tip can grip a stripped socket head without slippage.
* Material : High carbon steel


How to hold the grip

High torque handle grip
DBZ-50B (Separately available)

example of use
No Hammer Required.
Just Press & Twist !
** If socket head is heavily damaged, it is recommended to use DBZ-53, DBZ-54 or DBZ-56 striked with a hammber.


Hex. Socket Head
Cap bolt Countersunk screw
Cap Screw Countersunk Screw  
  Button Head  
Model Hex. Socket Size Length Weight

Across flats: 2.0mm

105‡o 25g
DBZ-63 Across flats: 2.5 & 3.0mm 27g
DBZ-64 Across flats: 4.0mm
DBZ-65 Across flats: 5.0mm

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