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Specialty Pliers for fitting and removing snap rings.


œ Slender design of jaws ideal for work at a confined area
œ The spiked tips are angled outward (PZ-16&17) or inward (PZ-18&19) to hold a snap ring securely without slippage.
œ Spring built into the joint screw for smooth and repeated work
œ Material: Carbon steel

Grip to Open
for external rings

Grip to Close
for internal rings

Applicable Ring Sizes

Model Tip diameter Weight Types Applicable Ring Sizes
PZ-16 dia. 1.3mm 90g External ring #10-25mm
PZ-17 dia. 1.8mm 175g External ring #19-60mm
PZ-18 dia. 1.1mm 90g Internal ring #10-25mm
PZ-19 dia. 1.8mm 175g Internal ring #19-60mm


Model A B C
PZ-16 1.3mm 135mm 70mm
PZ-17 1.8mm 175mm 115mm


Model D E F
PZ-18 1.1mm 110mm 125mm
PZ-19 1.8mm 165mm 130mm

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