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Super-advanced Combination Pliers with Screw Remover

(1) Screw removal - Just Grip & Turn !!

Removes screws with stripped or rusted heads or stubborn fasteners in seconds -- much faster than a fluted screw extractor and simpler than vise grip pliers.

(2) General purpose
Inter-meshed side teeth even hold a very thin plate securely, no slippage !
Equipped with side cutting jaw

(3) Durable comfort grips
Owing to T-shaped forging handles, the handle sleeve will not twist or slip off during heavy duty use.

screw removal pliers
Vertical Serrations to bite & grip a screw head
ネジを掴む縦溝 特許
Unique jaws with serrations can grip a screw head firmly without slipping.
                                    たネジ   固着し
                                    たネジ   トラ
                                    スネジ   特殊ネジ
Stripped   Rusted   Dome Head   Torx
Screw Head Size
ネジ頭の直径   Dome (Truss) Head
Round or Pan Head
Screw head: dia. 3 to 15o
How Does PZ-59 Work?

Ordinary pliers

biting truss head biting truss head

Ordinary plier jaws are
lined with horizontal
serrations. When you
grasp and turn a screw
head with ordinary pliers,
the jaws slip and the
screw remains stuck.


The tips of jaws can not
reach the outer edge of
screw head when the jaws
are opened.


Vertical serration Maximizes the friction
biting truss head biting truss head

Specially-designed teeth generate gripping power.


The serrated jaws angled
inward grab the rim of
screw head, so no slippage.

Why does PZ-59 have Inter-meshed Teeth?

【Disadvantage of traditional pliers】

Should the top jaws of traditional pliers make contact with each other, then this results in a small gap between the rearmost cutting blades (Fig. 1). To avoid this, traditional pliers usually have a tiny gap between the top jaws to ensure the rearmost cutting blades fully meet (Fig. 2). Because of this, traditional pliers can not securely grip very thin materials such as shim plate etc.


【Benefit of Inter-meshed teeth】

The side jaws of PZ-59 are specially designed to have 'crests' and 'troughs' that inter-mesh with each other.

So, when the rearmost cutting blades fully meet, the gripping jaws inter-mesh enough to hold extremely-thin plates very securely as well as thicker materials. Every peak of serrated teeth can bite into the material (as per the red markings on the right-hand figure). This is a major benefit over traditional pliers.

Heavy-duty T-shaped handles
  This unique handle shape helps to prevent the handle sleeve from twisting or turning round, good for heavy users.

Light weight (20% less in-house comparison)


1) The tool may not remove specially-hardened, heat-treated or glued screws.
2) Be sure to apply this tool to a screw head, but not to screw thread.

ng pattern1   ng pattern2 ng pattern1
Self-tapping screw   Coarse thread screw Self-drilling screw
Model Size Material Hardness Cutting Capacity Weight
PZ-59 204o Carbon Steel HRC60±2 dia. 3.2o (Steel wire) 300g


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